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We teach students from Grade 4 to College and University. Our typical classes are two hours each with a maximum of 4 students. Unlike other schools where group tutoring sessions can have up to 15 students, our largest class is capped at 6. A large class with so many students packed in a room is not private tutoring, but is a group session playground where individual needs are rarely met! 

We also offer one on one customized teaching that is targeted for those who want extra attention and specific needs to be addressed. 

 Our lessons may vary depending on the needs of the students and can be customized to provide immediate solutions.


This is the part where being affordable and delivering results really matters. At Cyberlit, there are no extra or hidden fees. All students pay the same amount according to the package that they choose.

Elementary Group A (1.5 Hours- $35) (Minimum enrollment of 3 required)


This economical package is designed for grades 4-6 with an emphasis on learning the essentials of reading, writing, and speaking. Extra time is given to help shape the foundations of English for each student.

 Elementary Group B (1 Hour- $30) (Minimum enrollment of 3 required)


 This package is designed http://essaymap.org/thesis-dissertation/ to be an introduction in helping students understand the basic principles of   reading and writing. 

 Junior High Group A (1.5 Hours- $40) (Minimum enrollment of 3 required)


 This tuition is designed for grades 7-8 in helping students prepare for high school. 

 High School Group A (2 Hours-$70) (Minimum enrollment of 2 required) 


 Our most economical package starts at $35/hour. These are full two hour sessions that  provides the complete tutoring experience.

   Here is a sample of a typical Group A lesson (High School Grade 9-10)


 First Hour 

(Learning Composition, Grammar, Reading and Comprehension Skills)


Second Hour 

(Learning Presentation Skills, Additional Communications Work, and helping with school projects, assignments and homework)



Private One on One Tutoring is offered at $50/hour. This lesson provides a focused approach in addressing any immediate homework/assignment or writing issues. We still offer one of the lowest rates for private one on one tuition from a full time OCT profession.

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