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What does OCT mean?

OCT stands for the Ontario College of Teachers and is the organization responsible for licensing, governing and regulating all teaching professionals. A teacher who is certified with the OCT is therefore not only officially licensed to teach in the Province of Ontario but is held to the highest standards that are regulated in the profession. All of our instructors have a minimum of ten years as full time OCT certified educators and are experts in the curriculum that is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Education. You can be sure that Cyberlit not only meets the provincial teaching standards but also exceeds its expectations!

What are the differences between Cyberlit and other tutoring services?

At Cyberlit, every student is valued and gets the private school experience without the high costs. It is not a franchise with a cookie cutter method of teaching where every lesson is the same for all others. Imagine going to a doctor who prescribes you with the same diagnostics as the previous patient with different symptoms. Our instructors understand that every student is unique and has different needs. This means that every lesson is fully customized to help a student rather than fitting a student within a specific lesson plan. Not only do we look into what areas of improvements that a student requires but we also help to understand the demands and expectations of that student’s daytime subject teacher. This is extremely important because it means that we can find the most effective way of maximizing results for a specific class, and school.

How much does Cyberlit tutoring cost?

At Cyberlit, we offer the best value in tutoring anywhere in the GTA. Our rates are reasonable and even payments are flexible. Our economical tutoring package starts at $30/hour and a private one on one session starts at just $40/hour!
Unlike many places that expect you to pay in advance for multiple lessons up to a year or a semester, we go by monthly payments with the option to be bankable. In other words, if a student is unable to come for one session, and gives us advance notice, we will simply move the schedule ahead and continue the next lesson at the appointed time. This means that vacations or other unexpected interruptions are accounted for. No hassles and no worries- at Cyberlit it is this simple!

What are Cyberlit’s hours of operation?

Cyberlit offers flexible hours after school on any weekday (4-7pm) from Monday to Friday. Tutoring is also available between 1pm to 6pm on Saturday. The availability of times is based on class enrolment and custom appointments. Just contact us and we will find time for you!

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