elementary                 ELEMENTARY (GRADES 4-6)review

Developing a strong foundation will ensure that your child can maximize his/her potential for many years at school and in the future!


Phonics                      Writing                 Grammar               Handwriting

Punctuation             Vocabulary          Spelling                  Pronunciation

Reading                    Homework           Cursive Writing 


  junior high                           JUNIOR HIGH (GRADES 7-8)

Grades 7 and 8 are formative years where a student’s learning really takes off. All sessions are designed to prepare students for the reading and writing demands of high school. 


Grammar                           Reading Skills                      Vocabulary                  Spelling

Paragraph Writing          Speaking Practice              Understanding Current Events

Enriched Learning           High school preparation


high school                       HIGH SCHOOL (GRADES 9-12) 

From Grade 9 to 12, we offer different levels of academic expertise in mastering the art of communication. These are crucial years where a student’s grades really counts and we deliver results!


ESL                                  Thesis                          Essay Writing                    Presentations

Oral Fluency                 Composition               Shakespeare                      Poetry

Classic Literature        Public Speaking        Grade 10 Literacy Test


  college                       PRE COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY   

We go the distance to help our senior high school and first year university students to achieve excellent scores in all admissions and standardized tests. Customizing a program to suit the post secondary institution of your choice is what we do best!


SSAT                     SAT                    ACT                LSAT                 Applications


Interviews          Debates          Seminars      Research         Correspondence


learn_mouse_800_9028          AFTER HOURS SUPPORT


You heard right! Cyberlit offers a special after hours email and phone support at NO EXTRA COST to all our students in our special program. A special program means private one on one or any customized tutoring that is prearranged. What if a student suddenly needs to ask a question during the week or has an assignment that needs feedback? A simple email and a follow-up phone call from Cyberlit ensures that this student gets the help right away. Cyberlit provides that EXTRA SERVICE and goes the distance to help students succeed.


keyboard_success_key_800_8839           SPECIALS


Currently, Cyberlit offers a free consultation and lesson to any student who wants to try us out! There is no obligation- we want to make your decision easier to find out which tutoring you choose.


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